Monday, February 10, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  I weighed 150 at my last doctor's visit on 1/27/14.  I go in today, but that weight totally counts for 34 weeks.  I'm sure it's more...

Maternity Clothes:  Still only a few pairs of maternity pants.  Lucky for me this week has only consisted of work and then house work, so lots of pajamas.  Granted, my belly hangs out the bottom of my shirts while I'm at home, but I'm at it doesn't matter.

Stretch Marks:  I don't think I have any....BUT I do have these weird red areas that itch really bad, almost like a rash because they're more like cheetah spot shaped.  I'd like for them to go away/not turn into stretchmarks.

Sleep:  Well, this week has broken my "wake up to pee" record.  Four times a night and Adam has sort of figured out that schedule, which is weird to me, but two of the four times I get up, he's still awake.  I've also had lots of heartburn/indigestion waking me up.  Oh and a new thing this week...having dreams that involve me holding my breath.  So, I've woken up several times gasping for air because apparently I think it's a good idea to hold me breath while I'm sleeping. 
Best Moment This Week:  Actually putting things in the nursery that belong in the nursery. 

Miss Anything:  My normal sized legs/ankles/feet.  I've experienced lots of swelling this week and it freaks me out.  My legs/ankles/feet are sore from being so swollen.  I also miss being able to get off the couch/bed/etc without using a rocking motion.

Movement:  Quite a lot, but now it's just big lumps on one side or the other.  I still can't tell what is what....I just always assume it's his butt sticking out. 

Food Cravings: It's not a food, but Sonic's ice.  Almost every day before or after work, I get a route 44 and chow down. 

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Chicken

Gender: Baby boy.

Labor Signs:  Now that he's bigger, it's kind of hard to tell if I'm having Braxton Hicks or if his whole body has just moved to the front of my stomach. 

Belly Button In/Out:  Mostly out I guess.  I can't see much of it.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On, but I have noticed that I am starting to swell in my fingers a little bit. 

Happy or Moody:  Moody.  I constantly feel like I don't have enough room and it's frustrating.  Mainly because I have to have THAT much room to get off the couch, reach the table, put on my shoes.  AHHH!

Looking Forward To:  The crib is supposed to come next week.  Once it's here, we can officially figure out how we're doing the layout of the nursery.

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