Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

How Far Along:  32 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  This week I weighed 150.  The doctor keeps saying how thrilled she is with my weight and I keep telling her I am less than thilled.

Maternity Clothes:  I'm still stretching all of my normal shirts to the max and luckily they are still holding up!

Stretch Marks:  Still none!

Sleep:  I'm tired all the time and now I'm waking up at least three times a night to pee, so that definitely isn't helping.
Best Moment This Week:  My dad went with me to my doctor's appointment and seeing his face when he heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time was so sweet and adorable. 

Miss Anything:  Getting enough air.  The other night Adam and I had this conversation:

Adam:  "What's wrong with you?"
Me:  "What?  Nothing, why?"
Adam:  "You're huffing and sighing like something is wrong."

Nope.  Just trying to breathe.  You know how breathing is supposed to be an involuntary reflex?  Well, my brain has decided it has more important things to think about than breathing.

Movement:  Still a lot and they are such strong kicks, jabs, and rolls!  I still can't necessarily figure out what body part is jutting out of my stomach, but it's fun to push back and feel him squirm to a different spot.  I can also tell that he is super long.  I can feel punches in my pubic bone and kicks under my ribs.  He has no problem taking up all of my belly space.

Food Cravings:  I haven't craved too much specifically this week, but I have been SO THIRSTY.  Which, I guess me drinking a lot of water isn't a bad thing, except that I'm peeing every 15 minutes.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Chicken and anytime I have the slightest bit of sinus drainage, yuck.

Gender:  Baby boy.

Labor Signs:  I think this week I experienced "lightening", which is where the baby's head drops lower into your pelvis.  I think this because there are times where I'm experiencing so much pain, I can't walk.  I just have to stop in my tracks and possibly sit for a while.  If I'm standing, I can't lift either of my legs (like trying to put on socks, HA!) without being in pain.  Also, because of my increase in the need to pee.

So, I can deal with the pain, but what worries me is that this is one sign of labor and it usually occurs anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks before the birth of your baby.  UM, excuse me Baby Bart, you can not come out in the next 2-4 weeks.  NO!

Belly Button In/Out: I guess it's as out as it's going to get.  To me it kind of just looks flat...and gross. 

Wedding Rings On/Off: On. I haven't had a lot of issues with swelling. My ankles get slightly puffy, but my hands haven't really.

Happy or Moody:  Slightly less moody than last week, but still pretty irritable.   

Looking Forward To:  The constuction started back up on our house this week and so far, the results are fabulous.  I'm already pleased with the company's work and can't wait for them to finish.  They said they would be done by Friday.  As in, three days from now!  Then, we can get to cleaning and painting and nesting.  We still have to buy a crib..and lots of other things.  So, once the construction is done, I'm looking forward to my next baby shower in February!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 weeks.  Only like, two more months to go.  I'm just now "okay" with being pregnant and haven't even started to grasp that I'll have an actual baby soon.


Deb captures my feelings perfectly

Total Weight Gain: I weighed in at 147.6 last week which I still can't grasp. 

Maternity Clothes:  I've mainly been wearing my colored jeggings from Wal-Mart because my maternity pants are the like, stretchy band up to your boobs style and itch me like crazy.

Stretch Marks: Still none, but my stomach feels so tight it might just rip open.

Sleep:  Go to bed.  Wake up.  Take a minimum of 30 minutes to fall back asleep.  Wake up.  Take a minimum of 1 hour to fall back asleep.  Wake up.  Go to work exhausted.  Come home exhausted.  This week has not been good in the sleep arena.
Best Moment This Week:  Not having to work on Monday.  Yay for federal holidays!  We also bought our high chair (and Adam put it together) and it looks awesome.  We also bought a china hutch that I have an idea for in the nursery.

Miss Anything:  Breathing.  I had difficulty breathing before being pregnant due to my asthma.  Now though, my nose is always stuffy and he is like, IN my ribs now so even when I lean back I can't get a full breath.

Movement:  Still a lot.  It's starting to drive me crazy that I can't tell what body part is pushing through my stomach.  Is it a butt?...head?...knee?

Food Cravings:  These "fish sticks" I bought.  They're better than fish sticks, but not like..."real" fish either.  I don't know, but they are so delish.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Just the sight of raw chicken makes me heave. 

Gender:  Boy.

Labor Signs:  Still just Braxton Hicks.  I have been so thirsty this week though that they've been pretty minimal.

Belly Button In/Out: I think it's all the way out.  Like, not full blown "outtie" belly button, but out enough that you can see it through a tight shirt.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On. I haven't had a lot of issues with swelling. My ankles get slightly puffy, but my hands haven't really.

Happy or Moody:  So moody.  SO moody!  I wish it would stop though because a lot of the time I don't realize it until after it's already happened.

Looking Forward To:  Construction starts on Monday, praise the Lord! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks

How Far Along:  30 weeks - holy cow he will be here so soon!

Total Weight Gain: I weighed in at a whopping 147.6!  I still cannot get over that I weigh this much, but so lucky it's all in my belly.......and boobs.....

Maternity Clothes:  Everything has made my belly itch this week so I've been opting more for low rise pants (thanks rubberband for keeping them closed) and flowy tops.

Stretch Marks:  Still none that I can tell.

Sleep:  I've been ready for bed by 7 every night this week.  The first trimester exhaustion has come back with a vengeance.  I can barely keep my eyes open while I'm at work.  I miss naps.
Best Moment This Week:  Well, this week I actually had the energy to cook supper.  Such a small thing, but it's huge.  Aside from my gag reflex, I haven't felt much like cooking because it takes energy.  Then, cleaning it up also takes energy.  Much more energy than I have to give.

Miss Anything:  Being able to sit comfortably.  Sitting/laying in the floor used to be the most comfortable and relaxing thing for me.  Now, I can't even get down into the floor/back up without it killing my lower back...and I also need something to help get me up. 

Movement:  He's starting to move more during the day, but still not as much as at night when I get home.  The doctor said that if he isn't moving at least 10 times in his "busiest" 2 hours, I need to go to the hospital immediately.  Luckily, he gets those 10 moves in within like, 30 seconds of counting.  I'm thankful he moves so much so I know he's doing alright in there.

Food Cravings:  Breakfast foods this week.  Lots of breakfast foods.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Again with chicken.  I cannot believe the one meat I eat on a normal basis is what makes me the queasiest.

Gender:  A boy.  I made the mistake of reading a blog article about a woman who was told she was having a girl, then at her next ultrasound found out it was really a boy.  Since we don't get any more ultrasounds, I'm terrified this will happen to us!

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks.  Not as much this week.  Maybe because I've been so thirsty.  Lots of water is supposed to help keep them at bay.

Belly Button In/Out:  I think it's all the way out.  Adam found out that when I laugh hard it goes in and out, kind of bounching up and now it's his goal to make me laugh anytime he can see my belly button.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On.  I haven't had a lot of issues with swelling.  My ankles get slightly puffy, but my hands haven't really.

Happy or Moody:  Still moody this week.  Everything annoys me.

Looking Forward To:  Still counting down the day until the construction resumes on our house.  I can't wait to have a clean house.


"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."
I currently cannot stand having any clothing touching my belly, so when you come to our house, this is what I look like.
Also, once he gets here, I promise these portraits will get better!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."
My niece has become very taken with Gunner.  She loves to give him kisses, hugs, and feeling him move.  She also loves yelling at my stomach, "WAPE UP!", which I think means she's ready for him to be here. :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 weeks

Total Weight Gain: The scale said 144 at my last doctor visit. It's probably gone up since then.  I'll find out next week my new weight.

Maternity Clothes:   This week I've only worn my maternity work pants and leggings.  Anything that touches my stomach makes it incredibly itchy so I've wanted to be as comfy as possible.

Stretch Marks:  Still none that I can tell.

Sleep:  Waking up at least once a night to go pee.  I've also woken up a few times this week wide awake in the middle of the night.  It takes me a while to fall back asleep.  That's probably why I've been more tired.
Best Moment This Week:  My friend Annie and her baby Zeke came to visit this weekend.  We had a joint shower for me and my friend Dezi in Campbellsville.  It was so great (and exhausting) seeing everyone! 

Miss Anything:  Having energy.  It's slowly going downhill, like....first trimester exhaustion again!

Movement:  A lot and you can see it all through my stomach!  Some nights, my belly looks like a waterbed.  I still can't figure out what body part is poking out or hitting/kicking me and that kind of drives me crazy, but it's the most amazing and creepy thing to watch.

Food Cravings:  This week I craved McDonald's french fries like, every day.  I only had them...3 times.  Go me!

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Chicken.  I had this big plan to cook supper.  Thawed out the chicken, went into the kitchen to cut it up and just looking at it made me heave.  So, is still out for the most part.

Gender:  Hopefully he's still a boy ;)

Labor Signs:  Braxton Hicks only and not that often.  Maybe once or twice a week.

Belly Button In/Out:  Well, when I look down at it, the top part is out.  I can't really see the bottom.....

Wedding Rings On/Off: On.

Happy or Moody:  I've been moody this week.  VERY easily frustrated.

Looking Forward To:  Construction starting and getting finished.  Finally being able to get his nursery started and my next shower.  Jill is planning one for February!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Total Weight Gain:  The scale said 144 at my last doctor visit.  It's probably gone up since then.  Every app talks about how I'll gain the most weight this trimester.

Maternity Clothes:   Still only maternity pants for work.  Luckily, because of my long arms/torso, before pregnancy most of my tops were oversized.  Now they're fitting more how they probably should. 

Stretch Marks:  Still none.  Although when I wake up I'm always freaked out due to the wrinkles on my stomach from my shirt.

Sleep:  I've been getting incredibly tired by about 7, but once I get in bed it takes me a while to get comfy enough to fall asleep.  Then I wake up several times a night.  I've been exhausted this week!
Best Moment This Week:  . Um, pregnancy brain.  I don't really remember what happened last week, oops.

Miss Anything:  Falling asleep and staying asleep.

Movement:  So much.  Still mainly at night.  While I'm at work, after sitting up straight for a while, when I lean back, he goes crazy, like he's thanking me for the extra room or something.

Food Cravings:  I craved Arby's a lot this week.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Luckily, nothing this week.

Gender: Boy, boy, boy.

Labor Signs:  Braxton Hicks still.  Whoever said they ease up with walking was a liar.

Belly Button In/Out:  Bottom half is in, the top half is out.  It's like a little cave.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On.

Happy or Moody:  Pretty happy

Looking Forward To:  January 26th is the official start date of our contractors!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 27 weeks


How Far Along: 27 weeks

Total Weight Gain:  I just got weighed at the doctor.  The scale said 144!  I cannot believe that.

Maternity Clothes:   I have two pairs of black maternity pants for work and I am so glad I finally caved and bought some.  Although, I wouldn't have bought them if the JCPenney outlet weren't going out of business and I bought them for $5.00 a pair!

Stretch Marks:  Still none, thank the Lord!

Sleep:  Meh.  Not the greatest.  I usually wake up at least once a night and can't fall back asleep for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, which is frustrating.
Best Moment This Week:  Well, this week was during Christmas, so I'd have to say celebrating all of the Christmas activities.  In particular, Adam and I decided to each open one present on Festivus (December 23rd) and this would become one of our traditions for Baby Bart. 

Miss Anything:  Lots of things, recently it's been sushi.

Movement:  So much.  He looks like a little alien trying to punch his way out.  I FINALLY caught him moving on film.  He's already making my belly move so much now, I can't imagine when he's bigger.  I may be one of those mom's that can be like, "Oh look, there's his foot".

Food Cravings:  Carrots again.  Thankful for a lady at work who always lets me have some of hers :)

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Drinking anything on an empty stomach makes me queasy. 

Gender: Boy, boy, boy.

Labor Signs:  Braxton Hicks still get me on occasion.  Now I'm only getting the "tightening" ones, which I prefer over the "crampy" feeling ones.  I started drinking the Earth Mama Angel Baby Third Trimester Tea and also some random brand Red Raspberry Leaf tea.  Granted, I don't think I'll know if it actually helps since this is my first child, but I'm willing to do just about anything when it tells me I'll have an easier delivery and recovery.

Belly Button In/Out:  The top is sticking out, so much sometimes that I can see it through my clothes.  Ick.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On.

Happy or Moody:  This week I was pretty happy considering all of the holiday traffic, noise, and whatnot.

Looking Forward To:  Getting his nursery done.  Come on, contractors!