Thursday, September 19, 2013

Guess who's having a baby?

The girl with a blog titled, Growing Baby Bart.  Guess that gave it away.  Oops!

My wonderful mother went with me to my first doctor's appointment.  I knew I was about 6 weeks and the doctor agreed, at first.  Then the ultrasound came, she found this tiny little blob of a thing with a heartbeat and said,

"Your baby is measuring larger than a normal 6 weeks, so we're going to bump your due date up, which would currently make you 7 weeks 3 days."

How a doctor can just change your due date based on how fast the baby has already grown kind of baffles me, but she's the expert, right?

So, we've known since July 18th that we were having a baby.  We told our immediate families within the next two weeks and our closest friends, but wanted to wait until it was "safer" to make the announcement on FaceBook.  So we waited, and waited, and waited.  I'm pretty sure my dad's head would have exploded if we had waited any longer.  He was dying to let people know! 

This is what we came up with to make our grand reveal:

I had always known I wanted to include our dog, Lola in the announcement.  I mean, she is my furry, four-legged baby.  I had seen something similar on Pinterest and thought, we could do that without a professional with my father-in-law's help and some photoshop, it was finished.
It feels a lot better having it out in the open and no longer a secret.  It's so hard to be careful about complaining about symptoms of pregnancy without revealing that you're pregnant! 
I'm going to be updating this blog weekly with a little survey I found and photographs of my expanding belly and other things.  Don't get too excited, I'm not a photographer and all of my photos will come from my Galaxy S3 :)

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