Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekly Update: 24 weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain: I weighed in a 139.  The doctor is quite pleased with my weight gain.  I'm just thankful it's not anywhere but my belly (so far!)

Maternity Clothes: I'm still just using my belly band and thank the lord for leggings.  I did order a pair of white maternity jeans from ASOS, they were only $10.  I'm hoping they fit!

Stretch Marks: Still none!  I take "moisturizing breaks" while I'm at work. My stomach gets so itchy I can't stand it!  If I could just walk around with my belly out, it would be better.  Having a shirt against it makes it worse.

Sleep:  Pretty good.  I usually wake up a little earlier than I would like because I can't breathe through my nose, but everything else is pretty decent.
Best Moment This Week:  Adam's birthday was this week.  We went out for German food, which was delicious.  Babysat Piper (seeing Piper play with Adam and want his attention is the cutest thing!)...and even though he already knew what he was getting...I still wrapped and made him open his birthday presents.  We also went to Cincinnati for a day over the weekend.

Miss Anything:  I haven't had a lot of energy this week.  The smallest things are wearing me out.    

Movement:  So much.  Everytime I try to take a video of it though, he stops!

Food Cravings:  I still haven't had any "weird" food cravings but while we were in Cincinnati, I HAD to have a fountain drink.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  The texture of chicken and my sinuses draining.  YUCK.

Gender: Baby BOY Bart.

Labor Signs: None.  I also don't think I've had any Braxton Hicks yet either. 

Belly Button In/Out:  Mostly in.  The top is further out than the bottom.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On.

Happy or Moody:  Happy-ish.  There are days/times that I'm just a grumpbutt for no reason though.

Looking Forward To:  Still looking forward to the contractors working on and fixing our house.  I need to clean and nest and I'm so tired of having a messy house!  

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