Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 weeks.  Only like, two more months to go.  I'm just now "okay" with being pregnant and haven't even started to grasp that I'll have an actual baby soon.


Deb captures my feelings perfectly

Total Weight Gain: I weighed in at 147.6 last week which I still can't grasp. 

Maternity Clothes:  I've mainly been wearing my colored jeggings from Wal-Mart because my maternity pants are the like, stretchy band up to your boobs style and itch me like crazy.

Stretch Marks: Still none, but my stomach feels so tight it might just rip open.

Sleep:  Go to bed.  Wake up.  Take a minimum of 30 minutes to fall back asleep.  Wake up.  Take a minimum of 1 hour to fall back asleep.  Wake up.  Go to work exhausted.  Come home exhausted.  This week has not been good in the sleep arena.
Best Moment This Week:  Not having to work on Monday.  Yay for federal holidays!  We also bought our high chair (and Adam put it together) and it looks awesome.  We also bought a china hutch that I have an idea for in the nursery.

Miss Anything:  Breathing.  I had difficulty breathing before being pregnant due to my asthma.  Now though, my nose is always stuffy and he is like, IN my ribs now so even when I lean back I can't get a full breath.

Movement:  Still a lot.  It's starting to drive me crazy that I can't tell what body part is pushing through my stomach.  Is it a butt?...head?...knee?

Food Cravings:  These "fish sticks" I bought.  They're better than fish sticks, but not like..."real" fish either.  I don't know, but they are so delish.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Just the sight of raw chicken makes me heave. 

Gender:  Boy.

Labor Signs:  Still just Braxton Hicks.  I have been so thirsty this week though that they've been pretty minimal.

Belly Button In/Out: I think it's all the way out.  Like, not full blown "outtie" belly button, but out enough that you can see it through a tight shirt.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On. I haven't had a lot of issues with swelling. My ankles get slightly puffy, but my hands haven't really.

Happy or Moody:  So moody.  SO moody!  I wish it would stop though because a lot of the time I don't realize it until after it's already happened.

Looking Forward To:  Construction starts on Monday, praise the Lord! 

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